Policies and Forms

This page provides all our policies and hiring forms.

IMPORTANT NOTE: these documents are all subject to change as guidance and legislation evolves. Those running ongoing events should make sure they stay up to date with changes affecting both the hall and your activities.

Please complete forms electronically if possible to minimise paper transfer: Foxit PDF is one free program that allows you to do this. But if you do need to use paper, that’s fine. Just ask if help needed. All forms must be signed either electronically or by hand.

Items marked with an asterisk * are additional while the Covid-19 regulations are in force.

Risk assessment for the hallRisks identified and how we manage them. Including covid19 section.
Risk assessment for hirers (Covid-19) *
pdf version
word version
A sample document to help hirers identify how they will manage event risk. Completion of this is mandatory while the Coronavirus regulations are in force. Remember; event organisers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations.
Booking packAll hirers must complete and sign risk assessment and hiring forms – the latter commits you to the rest of the documents. The ‘important information’ documents are one-page ready references for the terms and conditions, but do not replace them!
a) Hiring form pdf version word version
b) Important information for hirers (1) – general
c) Important information for hirers (2) – Covid-19 *
d) Full terms and conditions (last update 26th April 2021)
e) Risk assessment for hirers – see above
Hall user guideone-pager reminding you where everything is and how it all works. (also pinned to the board in the entrance hall)
Covid-safe summary notice *the notice on our front door
Event Attendance register *a sample template for event organiser use; not to be left with the hall
pdf version word version
Plan of the hallincluding room sizes and safety equipment
Health and Safety PolicyUseful information as well as who is responsible for what. Paper copy kept in the yellow folder in the side room. Also separate sheet on where to go for medical help as this changes frequently.
Fire Evacuation procedureCopy in yellow folder in side room
Accident procedureCopy in yellow folder in side room
Data Protection Policyhow we handle and secure data, including hirer details. House rules for all trustees.
Safeguarding Policyhow we protect children and vulnerable adults.
Governing documentAll charities have one of these; ours is the original conveyance for the land purchase and foundation of Pant Memorial Institute. It dates from 1922, with an amendment from 2017 to bring us into line with current trustee legislation.
Facsimile of the conveyance
Transcription of the conveyance (more readable)
2017 amendment (replaces the original clause 2)
Hiring policyGuidance for the booking secretary, delegated from the committee