Booking the hall

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Don’t forget: the hall is presented empty with furniture available in our store rooms. Hirers are expected to put out the furniture that they need, and put it away again at the end of their event.

Questions about the hall? Please have a look at our all about the hall page before contacting us. Lots of photos included on our virtual tour, plus a list of all facilities and equipment.

Please plan ahead: like almost all village halls we are volunteer run. We need 5 working days notice to set up a new booking. We also need payment in advance for one-off hires or new regulars.

Planning a children’s party? We love these! All you need to know on this dedicated page.

Planning a regular class/event? Fabulous! Here’s our dedicated page for prospective regulars.

What does the hall cost to hire?

£12.50 per hour. That is for the whole building – we are ‘one hirer at a time’. We also give you a free 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after your event for cleaning, setup and clear away.

Deposit: We ask for a £50 deposit for all one-off events. This will be refunded shortly after as long as the hall is left in the expected condition.

Discounts: Frequent hirers are eligible for a 10% discount after their first 10 events in a calendar year, and 20% if they do 20 events in that period. Discounts then continue as long as you continue hiring the hall.

What is included: Furniture, heating and all utilities are included. The only optional extras are our countertop oven (£5 a booking), and our set of champagne glasses (£10 deposit plus £2.50 for any breakages). There will also be a small extra charge for electricity if you are bringing a bouncy castle. Please bring a bag for rubbish and your own tea-towels if you are using the kitchen. Please ensure ALL rubbish is removed

Cancellation: just let us know any time up to the event start time – we will refund all payments if your event does not take place. (Frankly, we don’t want you turning up with covid or anything else infectious because you are worried about losing your hire fee) Note that we are not responsible for costs incurred from other suppliers.

Payment methods: we strongly prefer bank transfer as it is much less work for our volunteer booking secretary. We can take cash or cheque, if you really can’t do otherwise. All deposits will be refunded by bank transfer so we will need your bank details. Sorry – no card payments.

Funeral and memorial events: we are sorry for your situation and will do our best to help you. Please see the dedicated information page for funeral events here.

What is expected of hirers?

We are a self-service hall, hence the low fees. We expect hirers to leave the hall as they found it, by doing the following:

  • put out their own furniture, and put it away afterwards. The side room is presented with tables and chairs, you can move them but please replace as found afterwards.
  • sweep up after use, mopping up any spills and cleaning sinks and counters if you use the kitchen. The hall is professionally cleaned but not every day. We provide cleaning kit.
  • take away ALL rubbish including sweepings. That means you need to bring and take away a rubbish bag. You also need to bring and take away your own tea-towels if you use the kitchen.

Full details are provided in the hirer pack, which includes the booking conditions. Signed agreement to these is mandatory before use of the hall.

All understood How do I book the hall?

We’d love to see you! We are volunteer-run: please give 5 working days notice for a one-off booking or if you are a new regular hirer. Also a reminder that we need payment in advance for one-off hirers and new regulars. Sorry, no exceptions.

  1. Choose your date and time: Check the online calendar to see if the time and date you had in mind is available. The hall is open from 7:30am to 11pm – later events need a temporary event notice from Shropshire Council. Hover over the bookings to see times; we can host more than one event a day.
  2. Contact the booking secretary with brief details of your event including approximate numbers attending, your proposed date and times and your contact details. Email preferred on . If necessary call or whatsapp us on 07913 565708. The booking secretary will confirm availability and any details, just ask if you have any queries.
  3. Reserve your booking by giving us a completed and signed hiring form. The documents you need are all on this page; please complete and submit by email if you can. (We can provide paper copies if needed). We may also ask you to complete the ‘large event questionnaire’ if relevant. Your booking is not secured until we have the completed and signed form.
  4. Payment in advance please; we won’t release the key until we have your payment. Please, please use bank transfer if you can, it is so much easier for us. We’ll also need your bank details for later deposit return. We are not able to take card payments.
  5. Keys: Usually issued via our keysafe – we will text you the latest code just before your arrival time. Lost keys may incur a charge for replacing the lock and all keys, currently around £250. Please take very good care of the key! If the keysafe presents access issues for you, we will meet you with a key.

Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers)

How much for just the side room?

You get the whole building for your hire fee – we are one hirer at a time so it is all yours.

Is the hall available on xxx date?

Please look on our online calendar; we really do keep it up to date and it tells you what is going on and when. Hover over the events to see the time – we can of course host more than one event each day.

Who puts out the furniture?

Hirers do! (and put it away again please!) We present the main room empty as that is the most flexible way. It also means that you don’t have to navigate round piles of chairs at the edges, they are all kept in the nearby store rooms. Much tidier and more spacious.

When do you need payment?

A few days before the event, please – that way we can see it via our online banking. It is your signed booking form that secures your slot, useful if you are booking a long way ahead. One-off bookings and new regulars MUST pay in advance. Regular hirers are invoiced monthly in arrears after their first month.

Can you take cash or cheque?

Yes, but that means someone from our (unpaid) committee has to take it to the post office or bank. That’s why we prefer online banking as it saves work.

Can we operate a bar?

Yes – but if you are selling alcohol you need a licence from Shropshire Council. The licence is called a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) and here is the application information. IMPORTANT – please get consent from us before applying, there is a limit to how many TEN applications can be made in a year.

Covid-19 information and general safety measures

We are covid-aware! Click on this page for our measures, and what hirers and attendees can do to keep safe. Please be kind – don’t attend if you are unwell (covid or anything else) and respect others choices regarding ventilation, masks and distancing.

Queries? If you can’t find the information on here, please just get in touch.