Covid-19 precautions

We are a covid-aware venue

While all legal restrictions have ended, Covid19 is still very prevalent. We want to make sure that everyone feels safe when using the hall.

Please be kind – don’t attend the hall if you are unwell (with covid or anything else). This is only fair on your fellow attendees.

More details in our hiring conditions on the policies and procedures page.

What we offer to help hirers

ItemWhat we have done
VentilationThe hall has plenty of windows throughout. We replaced all the locking handles in early 2022 so all windows open easily.
We leave several window keys on sills – all locks are the same (except the bar area window, which has its own key on its sill)
(Please don’t forget to close and lock all windows before you leave!)
SpaceThe hall has a large airy main room with plenty of space to spread out
We are always ‘one group at a time’ so you have the building to yourselves
Enclosed play area at the back of the hall (fenced off from the road) so safe outdoor space available.
hand hygieneNo-touch hand sanitiser dispenser in the entrance hall
hand sanitiser bottles provided
soap and (solar heated) hot water at all sinks
no-touch hand dryers in all toilets
cleaninghall professionally cleaned twice a week
cleaning equipment provided to hirers, including sprays and wipes
main room presented empty for space and hygiene
The hall is a ‘no-bin zone’ – please bring a bag for all rubbish, which you must take away with you.
Information and complianceVirtual tour of hall available on website so ‘show rounds’ are not essential.
– All documents and forms available online.
– key issued via keysafe so ‘no contact’
– committee are monitoring guidance and legislation changes, and ensuring that the hall procedures and documents are kept up to date. Advice being provided by ACRE and our village halls advisor.
– cancellation period reduced to ‘any time before the event’. We don’t want anyone risking attendance when unwell because they don’t want to lose their hire fee.

What hirers and attendees can do

  • Please do not attend if you are unwell. Our cancellation policy means you won’t be charged for hire even for short notice cancellation.
  • Organisers – consider how many people will be at your event
  • Attendees – please look after organisers, the event may be their livelihood
  • Consider wearing an FFP2 face mask, especially if the event is busy
  • Be kind to others regarding face mask choices
  • Make sure you take all your possessions and rubbish away when you leave. The hall is a no-bin zone!
  • Let’s all look after each other. Government advice on how to stay safe is on this link.