How to use the keysafe

We now have a police-approved keysafe on the front of the hall. This is a secure way to provide a loan key to one-off hirers. Regular hirers are issued keys on long-term loan.

The keysafe is mounted on the front wall to the left of our postbox. If it is not accessible to you, just let us know and we will make alternative arrangements.

IMPORTANT: there will not always be a key in the safe, and the combination will be changed frequently. It is NOT a backup way to get into the hall if you have forgotten your key!

How to obtain your key

The booking secretary will text you the combination on the morning of your hire, or the day before if it is an early start. We operate a trust system; please do not enter the hall until your agreed access time.

Here are the instructions for the keysafe. Scroll down for a short video version!

  • Pull down the black weather cover, which hinges at the bottom.
  • flick the ‘clear’ button down, it will spring up
  • enter your code; the order of the numbers/letters does not matter. Push buttons until they click. If you make a mistake, flick the ‘clear’ button and start again.
  • turn the black handle marked ‘open’ to the right, so that the lettering is upside down.
  • pull the handle to open the safe, and take your key
  • close the safe and turn the black handle marked ‘open’ to the left
  • replace the weather cover

How to return your key

Open the safe in the same way as above. Then put the key back on the hook and close the safe again. Make sure that the black handle shows the word ‘open’ the right way up, otherwise the safe is not secured. Please also replace the weather cover.

keysafe video (it’s easy really!)

Please remember:

***Lost keys may incur a charge – we would have to change the lock barrel and replace around 25 keys and that is expensive. Please take great care of the hall key while it is in your possession.***

The hall must be cleaned, vacated and locked by the end of your clear-away time. Please leave it as you would wish to find it. In particular please ensure:

  • there’s nobody left in the hall!
  • all rubbish and possessions removed (we have no bin collection – if you brought it in, take it away)
  • kitchen: water heaters off, all washing up done and put away, no food waste left, your tea-towels taken away
  • check toilets; all flushed, taps off
  • all windows closed and locked, and window keys back on sills
  • all switched lights off; store rooms, toilets and outside lights are on timers and will turn themselves off, as will the heating.


If you cannot put the key back in the safe for any reason, take it away with you and contact the booking secretary to make arrangements to return it.