How to get involved!

Why join us?

The hall doesn’t run itself – but that isn’t the only reason to get involved at Pant Memorial Hall. It is a great way to get more ‘plugged in’ to the life of the village, learn some new skills, meet new people from all walks of life and give something back. However much or however little time you have, there’s always something that can be done to help.

What needs doing?

There’s more detail about the roles below, but what we need at the moment is:

Booking secretary (trustee position)  – this can be done on a rota/jobshare basis (perhaps month-by-month?). Managing the diary, meeting hirers, taking cash and cheque payments. Our regular hirers pay monthly in arrears, so for that the booking secretary advises the treasurer how much to invoice.

Website manager: we love our website but it could be better. Have you got the skills to keep it working but make it smoother?

General maintenance: weekly fire-alarm check, monthly emergency lighting and first aid kit check (these are already on a rota, join the team). Also people to take on the odd fixes and improvements that are always coming up.

We pay a cleaner and a groundsperson.

What is the ethos?

The hall is and always has been run by volunteers, building on the original committee members who set the place up back in 1922.  We are a charity, so nobody gets paid –  but everybody gets thanked and appreciated. We’re an open-minded bunch and always up for new ideas.

the committee can turn their hand to anything – although we hope we won’t have to do this again for a while! (Thanks to Pant Today for the picture)

The original governing document determined that the institute should be run ‘without regard to sex, political or religious opinions’ and we continue to uphold those principles and more. The committee is and needs to be a cross-section of the village.

What are the roles?

The governing document for our charity mandates a minimum of seven committee members – there’s no maximum. There are four main officers:

Committee chair: runs the meetings and is the ‘face’ of the charity (note that all trustees have an equal say, there’s no ‘boss’ in the structure – the ultimate team!). There is also a vice-chair.

Committee secretary: (or operations manager)…sends out meeting agendas, takes and sends out minutes of meetings, acts as general point of contact, deals with the charity commission, the council , the papers etc,  handles publicity, manages hall maintenance.

Booking secretary: keeps the diary, takes bookings and provides hiring forms, information and keys to hirers. Bookings now come mostly by a dedicated email address, sometimes by the hall mobile. This means that the job can be shared and you don’t need to give out your personal details. There’s a hiring policy and all the info you need, as well as lots of committee experience to help. This job is a lot of fun as you get to meet our hirers.

Treasurer: monitors the finances, sees that the bills are paid, pays out expenses, pays in cash and payments to the bank. Our accounts are held online and we pay and invoice via online banking wherever possible. Much easier.

What else needs doing? Just a few examples: organising, publicising and staffing the bazaar, organising the remembrance service, weekly fire alarm check, monthly first aid kit and emergency light check, , fixing things (we pay tradespeople, groundsperson and cleaner but there are always small jobs that need doing), letting in people that fix things, managing the website, advertising the hall.

The only donation we seek is your time. The treasurer will reimburse any agreed expenses incurred on production of receipts.

We work hard to communicate properly – we use email a lot now but the phone is still fine! The idea is that anyone can delegate and split their tasks. Real life comes before the village hall, which means we need to be organised.  The more of us there are, the easier it is.

How do I Join?

Committee members are elected either at the March AGM or at a special committee meeting, so you can join at any time. Anyone wishing to resign may also do so at any time by writing to the chair of the committee.

Currently there are four evening committee meetings a year including the AGM. Outside meetings we communicate and meet as needed using delegated authority to get things done. We are all volunteers and real life/the day job comes first – that’s why ‘many hands make light work’. We hold meetings in the hall if it is available, or elsewhere (i.e. the pub!) if it is booked.

What about being a trustee?

As the hall is a registered charity, becoming a committee member means becoming a charity trustee. This allows you to have influence on how the hall is run. For the current structure of the hall charity, trustees must be 18 or over and not disqualified from acting as a charity trustee. Here is the government guidance on being a charity trustee.

We are well aware of our responsibilities both to the charity and to our hirers, and we have all the required health and safety and risk policies in place.

If you are unwilling or unable to become a trustee, we also welcome volunteers (of course everyone is a volunteer!) Like the trustees, you can do as much or as little as you want – we always have a list of small things that need doing to keep the place looking good and working well. Please note that volunteers cannot influence how the hall is run nor handle finances.

Interested? Please get in touch to find out more. Email