Coming out of lockdown – what can happen at the hall?

As we come out of lockdown, what is possible at the hall is changing (and increasing!) This table tells you what events can happen at each stage of the ‘roadmap’. We’ve compiled this from the information and guidance we have received from ACRE (Action for communities in rural England). They also provide detailed guidance for many of these activities.

Please remember that everything is subject to change; this is the situation as at 23rd May 2021. (We will update as needed) Dates are May 17th for step 3 and provisionally June 21st for step 4. The capacity limit for the hall remains at 30 people until restrictions are lifted.

Here’s our bookings page with all you need to know about running your event at the hall. Read all about the hall on this page.

ActivityPermitted in step 2?Permitted in step 3?Permitted in step 4?Notes
Coffee mornings/teasNoseatedyes
Pre-school nurseriesYesYesYes
Parent and child groupsUp to 15 under 5sYesYes
Private partiesNoNoYes
Local history groupsNoYesYes
Senior citizens clubNoYesYes
Garden/horticulture clubNoYesYes
Wine tastingNoYesYes
Professional drama/dancers/musicians/singers in performanceRehearsals only50% capacityYes
Amateur dramaticsNoYesYes
Band practiceprofessional onlyYesYes
Film showsNo50% capacityYes
Dance classes – adultNoYesYes
Dance classes – childrenYesYesYes
Amateur dancing groupsNoYesYesballroom, Scottish, folk, tap, tango etc
Music lessons – childrenYesYesYes
Music lessons – adultsYesYesYes
Choirs/singersNoup to 6 peopleTBA
Music groupsNoYesYes
Art/craft exhibitionsYesYesYes
Art/craft classesNoYesYes
Sewing classesNoYesYesincluding embroiderers guild, upholstery
Flower arrangingNoYesYes
Poetry, writers, book groupsNoYesYes
Exercise classes – activeNoYesYeszumba, aerobics, circuits
Exercise classes – staticNoYesYesyoga, pilates
Tai chiNoYesYes
Martial arts – adultsNoYesYesjudo, karate, fencing
support groupsup to 15 YesYessupport groups formally organised by a qualifying organisation
antique/craft fairsYesYesYesincludes public auctions
weight watchers/slimming worldweighing onlyYesYes