Booking the hall under Covid-19 regulations

Welcome back!

Pant Memorial Hall reopened on Monday September 14th. This page tells you what we have done to make this happen, what events are possible and what event organisers and attendees need to do.

Compliance with covid-19 measures is mandatory under law. To run an indoor socialising space in these times, we all need to help each other. Here is our covid-19 safe space notice. (last update to notice was 2nd October 2020)

Latest guidance on use of community facilities is on this link – section 3c refers in particular to excluded activities. Please remember our overall capacity limits, and that any ‘rule of six’ exemptions DO NOT APPLY outside the building.

Guidance keeps changing! Last update to this page: 19th October 2020

What has been done to allow the hall to reopen?

Here’s how everything will work. Please refer to our booking conditions and information for hirers, all on the policies and forms page.

All event organisers must complete a short risk assessment – this gives everyone confidence that you can run your event safely.

As we all know – things can change at any time. Make sure you keep up to date with legislation and guidance affecting your event; this is your responsibility as event organiser.

Our test and trace QR code poster is in the entrance lobby to assist with ‘check-ins’. It is mandatory for all hirers to record contact details for attendees, or ensure that they use the NHS app with the poster. We also record attendance at the hall by committee members and contractors.

ItemWhat we have done
Hygiene – No-touch sanitiser dispenser in entrance hall
– Hot water, soap and no-touch hand driers provided (as always) in toilets
– Hirers commit to some cleaning before and after their event. (Details below) We give you a free hour before and 30 minutes after to do that and your setup without hurrying. Basic cleaning equipment provided although hirers welcome to bring their own.
– Kitchen out of use except for access to drinking water. No utensils, washing up, hot drink or cooking facilities available. Bring all you need as if for a picnic, and remove it all afterwards.
– Fabric-covered chairs in side room out of use. All other furniture is wipe-clean.
– the hall is a ‘no bin zone’ (as always) – hirers and users to take away ALL rubbish. This includes nappies and ladies’ sanitary items, we provide hygiene bags for the latter. If you brought it in – take it away!
– Plenty of window keys and door stops provided to allow maximum ventilation. (please remember to lock up afterwards!)
Social distancing– Capacity limited to 30 people, including up to 12 under-11s, with ‘rule of six’ as appropriate. One event at a time (as always). Extra time left between events. All events to have pre-booked attendance, no walk-ins.
– Events to be held in main room not side room.
– ‘One at a time’ system for all three toilets
– Hirers commit to managing events so that social distancing is maintained; extra help may be needed to monitor entrance hall and car park, especially for children’s events.
– main room presented empty (as always) so hirers can set up a suitable socially distanced layout for their event.
LightsOur new LED lighting system includes sensors for toilets, store rooms and outside lights; fewer switches to touch and clean.
Information and compliance– Plenty of reminder signs throughout the hall.
Virtual tour of hall available on website so ‘show rounds’ are not necessary.
– All documents and forms available online.
– committee secretary monitoring guidance and legislation changes, and ensuring that the hall procedures and documents are kept up to date. Advice being provided by ACRE and our village halls advisor.

What events can happen in the hall?


Please remember that face coverings are mandatory in the building. Exemptions are as listed on this government website.

At the moment we cannot host:

  • adult or teenage parties
  • children’s parties due to ‘rule of six ‘ complications
  • social dancing (dance tuition is allowed as the instructor takes responsibility for compliance)
  • Audience singing events.
  • (obviously) any event not possible under current law on the day or as excluded from community buildings.
  • walk-in events; all attendance must be pre-booked.
  • all events must finish at 10pm to avoid any concerns regarding food and drink. Organisers then have until 10:30pm to clean, clear away and close up.

The booking secretary has final discretion (under instruction from the committee) and will advise if your event can be booked – it will have to be cancelled if regulations change. Please consider this if committing to anything else connected to it. Event organisers are responsible for compliance with regulations and guidance at all times.

What does the hall cost to hire?

The fee remains at £10 per hour for the entire premises. We also give you 60 minutes either side of your event time free for cleaning, setup and clear away. Remember that the kitchen is out of action except for access to drinking water. It cannot be locked off because it is a fire exit route.

We ask for a £50 deposit for all one-off events. This will be refunded shortly after as long as the hall is left in the expected condition.

What do event organisers have to do?

Full details are provided in the hirer pack, which includes the booking conditions. Signed agreement to these is mandatory before use of the hall.

Pant Memorial Hall has always been a ‘self-service’ hall, hence our low fees. In addition to the usual sweeping, tidying up and removal of ALL rubbish and any lost property, hirers will be expected to do some cleaning before and after the event. The building is professionally cleaned but not every day. We provide all the kit you need, although feel free to bring your own if you prefer. We do not provide gloves.

What cleaning is expected?

Make sure the hall is as safe as possible for you and your attendees by cleaning the following before and after your event:

  • touch points: door handles, switches (please don’t spray electricals!), window catches
  • toilets: handles and seats, sink taps, pullcords for water heaters (they have easy wipe plastic guards), wash basins
  • any furniture that you use

To reduce the work, we’ve taken two cubicles in the ladies out of use. The lighting upgrade means there are sensor lights in toilets and store rooms, so less to touch there.

What about ventilation?

We’ve left lots of window keys and door stops around so you can keep the hall aired. Please, please remember to close and lock all windows before you leave, plus the front door of course.

What do we do with rubbish?

There never has been a rubbish collection from the hall, so we’ve always expected people to take away everything that they brought in. Rubbish and lost property are now a real health hazard.

Please make clear to attendees that ‘no bins’ means ‘take everything away’. And that means everything. Including nappies, ladies sanitary items and tissues – please do not try to flush such things! We do provide hygiene bags.

Please encourage attendees to check that they haven’t forgotten anything. If they have, the organiser must remove it. Thank you.

What must event attendees do?

  • Covid-19 symptoms? Someone in the house has symptoms? Self-isolating under test and trace? In travel quarantine? Live in a tier-3 or lock-down area? Do not attend the hall!
  • If you develop symptoms after visiting the hall, please alert NHS test and trace.
  • Book your space; the organiser needs to know how many people are attending. Walk-ins are not allowed. Under test and trace legislation, your attendance at the hall must be recorded. This will either be done by the event organiser, or by you using the QR code in the lobby and the test and trace app.
  • Take responsibility for social distancing throughout the site. For instance, do not congregate in the car park or by doors. One at a time in the toilets please, and stay apart in the entrance hall while waiting.
  • Put on a face covering before entering the building, and keep it on until you leave unless you or your activity are exempt.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival and departure. Wash your hands frequently while you are in the building.
  • Bring your own drinking/eating utensils – the hall is now a ‘picnic zone’ with no kitchen facilities except drinking water from a tap.
  • Bring a rubbish bag and take all your rubbish away, including any tissues, nappies and sanitary items. There are no bins at the hall. (And we hate to have to remind you, but please don’t flush anything apart from body waste and toilet paper)

I understand my responsibilities and am happy to comply. How do I book the hall?

If your event is allowed under legislation:

  1. Look on the online calendar to see if the time and date you had in mind is available. You will need to double-check with the booking secretary, although we try to keep the calendar up to date.Take our virtual tour for a look around.
  2. Contact the booking secretary with brief details of your event, your proposed date and times and your contact details. Email preferred on or call 07913 565708.
  3. The booking secretary will confirm availability. You will need to fill in and sign a hiring form and a risk assessment. The documents you need are all on this page; please complete and submit by email if you can. Signing the hiring form also means that you agree to the full terms and conditions. The ‘important information for hirers’ pages are just a ready reference summary.
  4. Payment in advance please, preferably by bank transfer – we’ll give you the details. We can take cash or cheque if really needed. Pay your deposit by bank transfer or cheque; if all is well we’ll send it straight back after the event.
  5. The booking secretary will arrange a socially-distanced key handover, and advise you how to return the key. Loan keys will be quarantined for at least 72 hours before reissue.

Queries? Just get in touch, here to help as much as possible. Please remember that trustees cannot advise how to operate your event.

Thank you…

Getting the hall back in action has meant a lot of work for the hall committee, and keeping up with changing legislation means further work. We have had considerable guidance from the ACRE village hall advisors. With event organisers and attendees fulfilling their obligations and responsibilities, we are pleased to be able to reopen our community building.